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How to wear Hiking Gaiters

The experience of hiking has always been marvelous by any means because it is termed as nature’s therapy which works like a blessing on you. In this present era, chaos and constant stimulation is nothing new to us, hiking works like a blessing here. Not only by discharging rigidity but also by developing the total frame of our mind. Which eventually helps us to push ourselves further than we expect.

Before going on a hiking, one need to carry a checklist which includes,

These are the 8 basic essentials for hiking that one must need to carry. Among these essentials, hiking gaiters are such a type of component, about what hikers seem less interested or somewhat different.

Now you may want to know, “What is a hiking gaiter?” Well, Gaiters are a type of defensive apparel for an individual to protect ankles and legs below knees. Gaiters are strapped with the shoe or boot to protect the lower leg from branches, pebbles and also to prevent mud and snow from entering the vertex of the boot.

There are various types of gaiters in stores based on their specific uses, length and purposes. But all the gaiters have one common purpose: to keep debrises and other stuff out of your shoes. To get the proper use of gaiters, one needs to know how to put on a gaiter at first. Now let’s have an overview about gaiters, including it’s varieties, choosing a gaiter, how to wear a gaiter and other essential points of gaiters.

Gaiters are basically the things that adjacent the space within your climbing boots and trews which keeps your feet dry and warm and also harmless. Depending on the type of outing you planned and the condition of weather, you ought to choose your gaiter accordingly. Types of gaiters and uses are discussed below-

  • Trail running: Gaiters for trail running are extremely lightweight and small types of gaiters. It is designed in such a way that it keeps debris out of your shoes while you are one the path. They are ordinarily not waterproof which is a negative side of it but ultralight explorers find it handy and use it the most because of it’s lightweight and preferable size.
  • Hiking: Gaiters for hiking are commonly lightweight and breathable. Moreover it provides protection against rock, light rainfall and coarseness while on mild weather excursions. Some are fully waterproof which helps hikers to hike in the rainy season as well as in snow. Hiking gaiters are regularly used for everything from short day hikes to multi-day exploring trips.
  • Mountaineering: Gaiters for mountaineering give substantial protection and some added insulation for extended trips in harsh conditions. These gaiters are waterproof with breathable textures which are heavily used by climbers for cross-country skiing, ice climbing and so on.

Now let’s have a look on the general features of gaiters-

  • Top closure.
  • Front entry.
  • Lace hook.
  • Instep Straps.
  • Waterproof uppers.
  • Abrasion Resistant Fabric.

A gaiter of superior quality should consist of these following features.

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Keeping quality and varieties aside, there is one such thing to be followed and is known as the most vital factor which is maintained by hikers. Which is “How to wear hiking Gaiters”.

Here is how we can wear hiking gaiters-

  • Position the gaiters in such a way that the loop closures and hook remains in front.
  • Make the position of the instep strap buckles to the outer portion.
  • Fine tune the instep strap.
  • Insert the lace hooks.
  • Close the hook and loop closures perfectly.
  • Close-fit the top closures as per your need.
  • Look for reinforced patterns.
  • Strap on gaiters
  • Secure other closures.

Apart from these, there might be some other steps to follow if your gaiters are fabricated with velcro. Your gaiters may not come with straps for sometimes varying on brand. If not then it sure will carry a velcro to tighten up.

After putting on the gaiters there are also some actions to take. These are what professionals does-

  • Ensure that the gaiters are on the correct foot.
  • Wrap and key-up the gaiters.
  • Make sure that the gaiters are tight enough as per your comfort.
  • Slide on the bottom strap.

Also keep in mind that, Wearing a gaiter will not protect your feet and shoes from getting wet unless it is waterproof and if you don’t lock up them properly.

Do not forget to check your gaiters thoroughly before going out.

Going out on hiking helps us to improve our mental and physical health at the same time. It is medically proven that, there are lots of health benefits for hiking-

  • It helps to reduce stress level.
  • Enhance mental well-being.
  • Lower body fat.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Improve lung capacity.
  • Improve bone density.

Hiking is also a great cardio exercise because it helps to raise heart rate and is termed as moderate intensity workout. But it could be dangerous sometimes. If anyone doesn’t take required precautions before stepping out of home then it might be a cost hazard. To avoid that risk and uncertainties , one needs to carry the necessary items mentioned in the carrylist.

In conclusion hiking gaiters and all other necessary gadgets plays a vital role in hiking and climbing. Protecting your legs below knees and to stop debris from getting into your shoes, hiking gaiters prompt plenty of effort. So, after discussing both the advantages and disadvantages of not carrying proper equipment, it is evident that wearing hiking gaiters is as important as wearing boots while climbing. And how to wear a hiking gaiter perfectly is detailed above so that you can acquire a great experience of hiking which will flourish your mind and body solely.


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