Best Winter Climbing Destinations

Climbing is an outdoor activity practiced by a wide number of people over the year. But seasons can be a bummer for sometimes. For instance, climbing in winter. One can gather a greatly unpleasant experience of climbing in winter because climbing in freezing temperature means frozen hands and toes also winter makes the rock difficult to grab for climbing up and down. This article will help you to know the best winter climbing destinations. Including location, description and gears to bear.

Top 5 climbing location for winter based in USA are detailed below-

  1. Red Rock Canyon: Red rock is protected as a National Conservation Area which is situated in Clark Country, Nevada. It is about 24km west of Las Vegas and also can be seen from the Las Vegas Strip.
    The walls are about 910 meter high which makes it a top choice for hikers and mount climbers. The highest point of Red Rock Canyon is known as La Madre Mountain, at 8154 feet. There is a one-way loop road, which is about 13 miles long and provides vehicle access to most of the sites. So getting there won’t be a hassle for the climbers.
    The rock of the particular area of Red Rock Canyon for climbing is Aztec Sandstone, a fairly solid type with hard surface varnish. The climb of the Red Rock Canyon covers a huge range of length and difficulties. The feature of the rock is, they have numerous incut edges which are the sign of Red Rock face climbs.
    A huge number of routes and generally warm year round weather make for an ideal winter climbing destination. The region’s sandstone and limestone precipices are grippiest in winter due to cooler temperature with Mountain project portraying it’s major climbing time period from October- April.
  1. Joshua Tree: Joshua Tree in California, has become a winter outpost of sorts for top sport climbers these days. It is not a big surprise, considering the not that much cold temperatures (50s and some 60s during the day), smooth, steep sided stone outcrops and many challenging routes.
    Most hyped climbs are in the Hidden Valley area, between the north and west entrances. Other than the Hidden Valley, there are over 5000 climbing routes and boulder problems. Most of the climbed practiced in Joshua Tree is single-pitch
    The rocks of Joshua Tree are mostly quartz monzonite which makes friction climbing a bit pungent. And the climbing season for Joshua Tree is from November to May.
  1. Smith Rock: Smith Rock is located in central Oregon’s High Desert. The sheer cliff of tuff and basalt are best for rock climbing for all difficulty levels. This place is well known as the birthplace of modern American sport climbing. This place is also popular for traditional climbing, multi-pitch climbing and bouldering.
    Smith rock is profoundly known for its own challenging climbing routes and attracts high level climbers. Within 1992 and 2009, about 500 new climbing routes were summed up because Smith Rock is categorised as Oregon’s premier climbing destination. Above 1500 routes are enough to make you return, winter after winter.
    Over 60% of the courses are blasted however the region likewise has a moderate measure of customary and top-rope open climbing. Sometimes, a stick cut and a solid head are suggested here; the same number of the main jolts are high off the ground.
  1. Linville Gorge: The popular spots of Linville Gorge for climbing are, The Amphitheater, Shortoff Mountain, North Carolina wall and The Table Rock. Rock climbing is allowed in every spot of this place but for some time, certain areas remain closed due to nesting of Peregrine falcons.
    Table Rock and The Amphitheater dispense more moderate routes in Linville Gorge. And it is also composed fundamentally of traditional multi-pitch lines along with Hawksbill and Shortoff Mountain alluring the crowd more and more, every winter. Linville Gorge serves dedicated training ground for southerly located alpinists throughout the time of off season. Also, this location is considered as the third largest wilderness area in North Carolina.
  1. Red River Gorge: Geologically, Red River Gorge is a part of the Pottsville Escarpment and is a canyon system situated in east-central kentucky.
    This place contains numerous cliffs which makes it a popular destination for rock climbers. This place also has a vast number of bolted routes in overhanging, pocketed sandstone that attracts climbers all of the world. Most of the climbs of this place are single pitched and most cliffs are less than 61 meter tall. The Red River Gorge brags over 2000 climbs. You can buy a guide book here for Red River Gorge before stepping out.

These were the most popular winter climbing sport locations situated in the United States. Other than the US, there are also some popular spots located in European continent. Those are-

  1. Portland (England): Portland is a type of tied island which is about 4 miles long and 1.7 miles wide in the English channel. This location serves as the premier sport climbing location in the UK. It is located in the south coast of Dorset, Portland is open by interstate from the mainland.
    Portland is well in the UK for its sport climbing and deep water solitary. Moreover, there are chances for bouldering as well. Blacknor Beach, The Cuttings and West Weares are the most famous spots in Portland for bouldering. Portland is capable of climbing round the year, and winter temperatures rise to 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  1. Istrian Peninsula (Croatia): Istria lies in the south-east of europe and is the biggest promontory in the adriatic ocean. It is situated at the Adriatic between the gulf of Trieste and the Bay of Kvarner. This location is shared by three nations: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.
    The Istrian peninsula is covered up with 1200 climbing routes and is known as one of the best sport climbing locations for winter in Croatia. Most of the courses in this spot are single pitched, well bolted and on strong limestone rock.
  1. Cairngorms (Scotland): Cairngorms is a Scotish mountain range situated in the eastern Highlands of Scotland.This place consists of high plateaux which is about 1000-1200 meters above the sea level. The fringe of the plateaux are excellent for rock climbing and also ice climbing because they are in places with steep cliffs of granite. There are three alpine ski centres in the range, at The Lecht, Glenshee and Cairn gorm. Guidebook for this place for climbing can be bought here .
  1. Paklenica (Croatia): This location is well known within Croatia and also outside of Croatia. It is located near Starigard near Dalmatia, on the southern slopes of velebit. Paklenica is covered by 590 well equipped marked routes.

    Most short climbing routes are arranged in Klanci, the narrowest area of Velika Paklenica gulch. The routes are effectively available and are appropriate for climbers with kids.

Crljenica is the most suitable and particularly intriguing for climbing in winter.

These were the popular climbing spots for winter in European continent. Going on a trip is fun indeed but one needs to carry some useful gear before hopping out of the home for safety. Here is a list of some essential gears used in sport climbing.

These are the most essential gears which are needed for climbing for all the seasons. You can find them in online retail shops to buy. Click one any of the gear enlisted above that you want to buy.


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