10 Best Cycling Races in the US

If you are looking for the best cycling races in the US, then you are at the right place!

Cycling races are thrilling events for both viewers and participants. Slower than car rallies but faster than foot-races, cycling races tend to provide a memorable impact upon the viewers. The United States of America is one of the largest hubs, producing world-class cyclists. The first American cycling race took place in 1878 in Boston, Massachusetts. Moreover, Chicago soon became the hub of cycle racing in the country.

Table of Contents

  • Best Cycling Races in the U.S.
  • Dirty Kanza 200
  • Tour of Battenkill
  • Race Across America
  • Barry Roubaix
  • Tour of Utah Ultimate Challenge
  • Crater Lake Century
  • Tour of Caifornia
  • Leadville 100 MTB
  • Mt. Tam Century Ride

Best Cycling Races In The US

Dirty Kanza 200

Where: Flint Hills region of Kansas
When: May (first Saturday after Memorial Day)

As it sounds, Dirty Kanza is popular for its rugged and rough route. The competitiveness of this event has been the main cause of its glamour. 1500 participants tend to participate and eventually narrow down to 34 participants in the inaugural event. The completion of the 200-mile ultramarathon is itself an award for the participant’s effort and dedication. But, don’t worry if you aren’t ready for a long-distance event, then you can opt for the 100-mile race. But, beware of the rocky and dangerous hills of Kansas, as it can be a thrill for some and a matter of life and death for some!

Tour of Battenkill

Where: Greenwich, New York
When: Late May

The largest pro-amateur bicycle road race in North America is held in New York’s Battenkill valley. Unlike Kansas, Battenkill valley provides a lush green, exotic landscape, where nature is at its peak. Lush greenery, blossoming flowers, lakes reflecting the sky, and valleys tearing mountains add life to the cycle race. Although the distance is shorter than the rest of contemporary events, but the dynamics of this event make the experience worth wile.

Race Across America

Where: Oceanside, California, to Annapolis, Maryland
When: June

The race across America is a life time experience and a global achievement. The 3000-mile super ultramarathon is 30 % longer than the grand event of Tour de France. For 36 years this event has been challenging extreme cyclists all around the world to push their physical and mental limits.

The event starts in Oceanside, intersects 12 states, and climbs 175,000 feet. The route of this event intercepts four largest rivers of America, three major mountain ranges, and iconic landmarks such as Sonoran deserts, Gettysburg, and Monument Valley.


Where: Hastings, Michigan
When: Late March

A classic-style cycling experience featuring a variety of terrains to test cyclists of multiple levels. The four race lengths of Barry-Roubaix provide riders of different calibers to test their skills. It is also the largest gravel road bicycle race in the world. The race starts with over 3800 participants, and rewards winners over 34,000$. Wave starts provides riders ample of time to enjoy the scenery and landscapes.

Cycling Races - Tour of Utah

Tour of Utah Ultimate Challenge

Where: Utah (exact location varies)
When: Early August

If you want your legs and quads to scream for mercy then this event is just for you! An ultimate fitness test and endurance challenge! But simultaneously, the compelling scenery across Utah compensates for its difficulty. Highlighting some of the world’s best cyclists and teams for seven days in August, this event attracts global attention as the top international cycling event following the great Tour de France. The week-long Tour of Utah has attained the reputation as “America’s Toughest Stage Race,” incorporating Utah’s profuse natural beauty with consistent elevation changes and difficult mountain climbs.

Crater Lake Century

Where: Crater Lake, Oregon
When: Late August

Surrounding the deepest lake in the United States and the 7th deepest in the world, this ride starts at the Fort Klamath Museum on Crater Lake Highway (Rte 62) at 4,000 ft elevation. Even amongst volcanic wonders, Crater Lake could be difficult to describe The lake itself inspires cyclists to exert to their fullest extent. The bright blue lake reflecting the sky provides heavenly experience for the cyclists and makes them feel as if they are riding the skies. It is dubbed as “the best race in Oregon” by bicycling magazine.

Cycling Races - Crater Lake Century

If you have decided your dream location for cycle race, then check out the best cycles!


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